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Sackcloth and ashes

just another Jesus freak

† Armoured Raven †
24 June
Just trying to stay young...
I bellydance and perform whenever I can. I co-direct Daughters of Durga, I direct a Fire Fusion Troupe, Seraphina Fire: Luminous Dance, I design and make chainmaille, jewelry, tribal costuming, and craft the occasional prop or necessity that arises. I also design and maintain websites, do professional video editing... and I homeschool our 3 little angels... Not particularly in that order. ^_^

You can find my artistic endeavors at deviantArt
My cheesy Myspace
I don't post here or anywhere much.. but I do keep up with my friends!

Firefighters ROCK

I'm bad at this whole life-on-display thing so, uh....

Weather Pixie:

The WeatherPixie


As a matter of fact, i do realize i'm a hypocrite.
Deal with it.


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